Ampang, Kuala Lumpur. A Muslim. A Malaysian. A youngest daughter. A petite girl. A part-time volunteer. A full-time language student, taking Bachelor of Applied Language Studies (Honours) Malay Language for Professional Communication at MARA University of Technology. I made Malay Tumblr quotes and Tumblr Themes here. And yes, I'm human and I do love flowers.

zanasemail: Oh my.. you're killing me now. Those pictures of food make me super starving here, kak syahirah :D 

hahaha that’s my point ! :p

fareeshazul: salam,love all of your posts <3 mind if u follow me back? 

wasalam. thank you dear. :)

sure. :)

eimkent-deactivated20130502: i love your tumblr. 

thank you :)

Anonymous: smile cause you're beautiful :) 


you too. :)

soochensation-deactivated201212: Mane awak dapat background yang cute ni? >< 

hehe alamak lupa lah awak kat mana saya jumpa heee 

tsaniarachmah: i love your blog :)) 

awwh thank you pretty :)


@rosesparadise : waalaikummussalam. oh hai noramiza. sure! why not? :D hehe lets be friends! :)

@whowhohusna : waalaikummussalam husna. :) heee maksud awak nak tukar gambar yang mana satu ye?

@ohhpleasee : hehe tak lah. :) 

basantibeingbasanti: I LOVE YOUR BLOG. P.S. I'm a Muslim too. :3 

auww thank you dear! :D hehe nice to meet a muslim like ya. :)

laid-back-soul: HEY! thanks for following back, didn't expect that though. :)) You're an amazing blogger who has a strong faith in Allah. *thumbs up :)) Keep it up. 

Oh hey no sweat pretty! :D 

auww thank you so much for the compliment. :) yes, I love Allah and I love Islam so much. :)

flowersofnight: Thanks for following (: 

no biggie my dear. :)


hazelnuts26: yes i live in taman permata 9. sis do you like photography? i like photography but never get a chance to learn about it. oh btw, im nineteen this year :) 

oh i see. yup. :)

really? no wonder you keep calling me kakak. hehe. nice to meet you adik! :p

norlynfouzi: I love your blog sis♥ 

Thank youu dear. ♥ 

Tumblelog awak juga best apa. Penuh dengan 2pm. hehe. :D

thank youuuu haha give you ♥ back! :D

hazelnuts26: Assalamualaikum. Hi sis. Em if you dont mind, can i call you sis? because i just found that you are older than me. Are you leaving in Ampang? It's quite near to my house. Have you been to Giant Taman Permata? :D 

Waalaikummussalam. :)

hello ara! yup sure thing! hehe but how old are you? haha. oh i see. :D

yes dear, ampang. oh really? good then! yeahh oh wait! are you living in taman permata dear? :)


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